How did you meet?

We met while we were both studying at the University of the Free State. We moved into the same student commune and the rest is history 😉

How did he/she propose?

We got engaged on the 29th of December 2016. Hermann’s proposal was a big surprise to me, while my whole family was in on it. My sister and my mom took me out for the day, to get our nails and hair done, while my dad and brother-in-law were helping Hermann setup. About 20 km from home I started noticing signs with messages along the way… Which ended up in a big banner across the road with the words “Will you marry me?” 🙂

What characteristics attracted you?

In our case the saying that opposites attract is 100% true. Hermann is a spontaneous and outgoing person, he loves adventure and I love that about him. He continuously pulls me out of my comfort zone while I keep him grounded.

Why did you choose the venue?

I have always wanted a farm-style wedding with the option to have the ceremony outside. Lupela Lodge is a new venue in the beautiful area of Barkly East and Lady Grey where I grew up which gave us exactly what we wanted.

Your dream wedding?

The venue is situated in the beautiful country side away from the city, we had the outside ceremony among the trees next to the river. Family and friends gathered from all over the country and we were surrounded by the people we love most.

“The heart wants what it wants. There’s no logic to these things. You meet someone and you fall in love and that’s that.”

November 11, 2017
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