Schübel & Cornél

February 2, 2019

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.”
– Maya Angelou

When rain was expected we had ideas – but God had planned the perfect day!!!!

Make-up Artist Michelle Smith Miller
Dress Leehra Bridal
Venue Pepper Tree
Brides Hair Milene van Rooyen
Wedding Decor Pepper Tree
Flowers Natasha – Floweritbloem
Sound Creative Kilowatt
Lights Dylan – Lighticle
Second Shooter Robyn Allen – Ruby Photography

How did you meet?

The first time we met was in 2009 at school. I asked Schübel for chewing gum, but he had none. Little did we know, this would be the beginning of our story. He decided to repay his chewing gum debt by giving me his number, I was so flattered. We chatted into the morning hours, but in time our infatuation faded.

It was only after school, in 2013, that we reconnected. We became great friends and two years flew by. I wondered if we could be more than just good friends, but he was oblivious. I decided to woo him. In time he got the hint and asked me out on a date and we leveled up from friendship to relationship on 3 August 2015. And on the 2nd of February 2019, we leveled up our relationship to marriage.

How did he/she propose?

We went stand-up paddling in Wilderness. We paddled to the waterfall and stopped to admire the beautiful nature and take some photos. There he went down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

What characteristics attracted you most to each other?

When we where friends, Schübel’s smile and laugh definitely attracted me the most. I love the way he is so laid back and always makes me laugh. He is super supportive in everything I do and always helps me where he can. He is ambitious and most importantly, he loves God.

It was Cornél’s kind and loving nature that made me fall in love with her. She always sees the best in people and is always willing to help. She compliments my personality. And best of all she makes me a better man.

Why did you choose the venue?

For us, it’s a beautiful venue. They also did a great job coordinating the wedding.

Your dream wedding?

Fun, laughter and love – exactly what we got.

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